Marriage counseling builds relationships. Get the tools the experts use.
Barbara Bartlein is a clinical psychotherapist and best-selling author.
Marriage counseling tools have helped hundreds of couples and can help you, too.

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Marriage Counseling Techniques That Work!

Married? Engaged? Thinking about marriage? Learn the marriage counseling strategies the experts use! Whether you are in a relationship that you want to make better, or are having difficulties with your marriage, you can receive immediate marriage counseling from relationship expert, Barbara Bartlein, RN, LCSW. These are the marriage counseling tools that have helped thousands of couples. They can help you too!

Get the marriage counseling information the experts use:

12.5 Strategies for a Happy Marriage

Barbara has worked with hundreds of couples and has developed marriage counseling tools that are easy to use and produce results fast. Unfortunately, many of us come into marriage without the tools to know how to solve our problems. We didn't learn about marriage at school and many of us did not have good role models at home. Fortunately, these tools can be learned.

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Each marriage counseling CD covers the issues that couples must address to have a long term relationship. Based on Barbara's best selling book, Why Did I Marry You Anyway? 12.5 Strategies for a Happy Marriage, you get the tools that work for you and your relationship. Barbara delivers each session with humor and personal insights that help you and your partner understand your relationship. There are quizzes to complete and assignments to help you practice the tools you are learning. The 4 CD's give you all the tools you need to build your relationship.

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