Marriage counseling builds relationships. Get the tools the experts use.
Barbara Bartlein is a clinical psychotherapist and best-selling author.
Marriage counseling tools have helped hundreds of couples and can help you, too.

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This fun, easy to use program made a difference in our lives!



 "The couples workbook and CD program gave us the tools we needed to build, grow and enhance our relationship.  The quizzes and assignments made it easy to make progress without finger pointing or blaming each other.  And it was fun!"


                                               -Mike C. and Jennifer C.


These marriage counseling tools will build your relationship!

      • Discover the top three myths that sabotage marriages
      • Learn the two basic building blocks that all couples must master
      • Identify the top three issues that couples fight about
      • Learn how to build intimacy for a better sex life
      • Discover how to argue constructively
      • Find the behaviors that prevent you two from getting closer
      • Learn how to handle in-laws, out-laws, and other family members

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